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Don't Replace Oracle Discoverer, Migrate Like for Like!

Are you using Discoverer to report against Oracle EBS, third-party Oracle-based solutions, in-house developed Oracle database applications, or a combination of these?

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Protect Your Investment Quickly & Accurately

Avoid A Whole New Investment

We spoke about one option to replace Discoverer; far from protecting your investment, this becomes a whole new investment – one which will require deep pockets – and a lot of time. The only way to truly protect your investment is to use a solution built as a Discoverer Replacement that includes:

  • A Migration Utility – Fast and Accurate.
  • The Ability to Merge EULs, Maintenance of the Existing Report Infrastructure Intact.
  • A Facility to Run Reports from Excel & Mobile An Easy to Learn with Added Functionality and Features.
  • Inherent EBS Responsibility Security & User Authentication.
  • The Provision of Dashboards with Pre-Built Visualizations, Report Scheduling, Distribution & Bursting.
  • The Ability to get EBS DFF/KFF.
  • Drilldown Capability Through Reports, Dashboards, Excel and Mobile.
  • Multiple Output.
  • In-Memory Analytics & Data Mashups.
  • The Ability Connect to Other Data Sources including Cloud Applications.

Managed properly, the migration of Discoverer will provide you with an opportunity, without the need for a huge budget or a time-consuming project, to:

SplashDM | SplashBI 7
Review your existing Discoverer estate: centralize your workbooks, remove the need for desktop, understand which workbooks are in use?
SplashDM | SplashBI 8
Consider your future needs: less dependency on IT/developers – self-service.
SplashDM | SplashBI 9
Provide additional functionality to your users: Discoverer is “old.”
SplashDM | SplashBI 10
Upgrade your infrastructure, spend less time and money on IT and external support.
SplashDM | SplashBI 11
Automate, remove the redundant effort and align reporting to your business processes.

Take The Opportunity

SplashDM | SplashBI 12

Like for Like Discoverer Migration

SplashDM | SplashBI 13

Seamlessly Migrate Discoverer

Seamlessly migrate your workbooks and components to create fully functional, ad-hoc capable reports! The column on the left shows what you started with, and on the right, what you will have after successful migration to SplashBI reports.

Migration Steps & Tasks Life Beyond Discoverer
  • Export workbooks into an eex/XML file or a ZIP file for multiple Workbooks.
  • SplashBI provides a patch that needs to be installed in the Discoverer End User Layer from where Workbooks and Business Areas need to be migrated.
  • Migrate Discoverer business areas into SplashBI.
  • Upload Discoverer files exported in step 1 above, these will be migrated to SplashBI reports.
  • Migrate Responsibilities from EBS into SplashBI.
  • Migrate Users from EBS into SplashBI.
  • Manual intervention is used to handle exceptions such as database function calls used in calculation columns in Discoverer Workbooks.
  • Migrate Roles for non EBS users into SplashBI.

Upon completing the above steps, you undertake UAT, possibly needing to run more than one iteration on some workbooks.

Migration Steps & Tasks

SplashDM | SplashBI 14

Replacing Oracle Discoverer

SplashDM | SplashBI 15

If you don’t want to migrate your Discoverer workbooks, then you could just use SplashEBS and SplashGL

SplashEBS comes with 1,400 pre-built reports

For the Finance Office all users’ – AR, AP, GL, Financial Controller to CFO – requirements are catered for through a combination of Discoverer migration, pre-seeded reports, custom reports and SplashGL .

At SplashBI, we have migrated 100,000s of workbooks. With SplashDM, customers can do this themselves, use our offshore migration service, use a partner or engage us on a hybrid project.

The table on the left shows some examples of migration projects we have worked on with our customers.

One customer successfully migrated 1,978 workbooks in 42 days.

Customer Use Cases

SplashDM | SplashBI 16

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